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Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd is not only one of the top level Shenzhen display sign wholesalers, but also one of the leading China display sign, display screen, t shirt display, LED light window display, LED display rgb full color, LED advertising digital display board, replacement LED display panel professional suppliers and manufacturers, our products are always with both good quality and price. Welcome to buy products from us.

    • P10 Red Led Module

      Contact NowP10 Red Led ModuleProduct Description P10 Red, Green, Blue, White, Yellow Color LED Display Module Module size(W/H):320mm*160mm Module resolution(W/H):32dots x 16dots Color available:red, yellow, blue, green, whiteRead More2016-04-14

    • P10 Single Color Led White Led Module

      Contact NowP10 Single Color Led White Led ModuleLightS Competitive Price Outdoor Single Color Led Modules P10 Product Description :P10 Red, Green, Blue, White, Yellow Color LED Display ModuleRead More2016-04-11

    • P10 Single Color Yellow Led Module

      Contact NowP10 Single Color Yellow Led ModuleLightS Competitive Price Outdoor Single Color Led Modules P10 Product Description :P10 Red, Green, Blue, White, Yellow Color LED Display ModuleRead More2016-04-01

    • P120 Windows Led Display

      Contact NowP120 Windows Led DisplayItem:Curtain display Model Number:p120 Pixel Pitch:120mm Pixel Density(dots/m²):69Read More2015-11-16

    • P80 Led Curtain Screen

      Contact NowP80 Led Curtain ScreenItem:Curtain display Model Number:p80 Pixel Pitch:25mm Pixel Density(dots/m²)156Read More2015-11-16

    • P40 Led Windows Display

      Contact NowP40 Led Windows DisplayItem:Curtain display Model Number:p40 dip Pixel Pitch:40mm Pixel Density(dots/m²):1600 Pixel Configuration:1R1G1B LED Type:smd3535 Module size(mm):1200*250 Module Resolution(dots):48*10 Min.Viewing Distance(m)≥40Read More2015-11-16

    • P25 led curtain display screen importer

      Contact NowP25 led curtain display screen importerItem:Outdoor DIP Display Model Number:p25 Pixel Pitch:25mm Pixel Density(dots/m²):1600 Pixel Configuration1R1G1B LED Type:DIP346 Module size(mm)1200*250 Module Resolution(dots)48*10Read More2015-09-06

    • P20 led display curtain

      Contact NowP20 led display curtainItem:Curtain led Display Model Number:p20 Pixel Pitch:20mm Pixel Density(dots/m²):2500 Pixel Configuration:1R1G1B LED Type:DIP346 Module size(mm):320*320 Module Resolution(dots):16*16 Min.Viewing Distance(m)≥16Read More2015-09-06

    • P2 Cheap Led Bar Screens

      Contact NowP2 Cheap Led Bar Screens‍‍‍‍Item:Indoor print screen acer Model Number:p2 Pixel Pitch:2mm Pixel Density(dots/m²):250000 Pixel Configuration:3 IN 1 LED Type:SMD2121 Module size(mm):128*128 Module Resolution(dots):64*64Read More2015-10-15

    • P3 Used Led Screen

      Contact NowP3 Used Led ScreenProduct SpecificationsItemIndoor full color led displayModel Numberp3Pixel Pitch3mmPixel Density(dots/m²)111111Pixel Configuration3 IN 1LED TypeSMD2121Module size(mm)192*96Module Resolution(dots)64*32Min.ViewiRead More2015-10-15

    • P4 Display De Led Bar

      Contact NowP4 Display De Led BarItem:Indoor led advertising board Model Number:p4 Pixel Pitch:4mm Pixel Density(dots/m²):62500 Pixel Configuration:3 IN 1 LED Type:SMD0606 Module size(mm):128*128 Module Resolution(dots):32*32Read More2015-10-15

    • P5 Led Bar Display Board Circuit

      Contact NowP5 Led Bar Display Board Circuit‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Item:Indoor full color led display Model Number:p5 Pixel Pitch:5mm pixel Density(dots/m²):40000 Pixel Configuration;3 IN 1 LED Type:SMD3528 Module size(mm):160*160 Module Resolution(dots):32*32Read More2015-10-15

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