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Why You Don't Advertising Your Product?

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 01, 2016

1.Foldable led display is specially made with flexible ‘Z” folding design ,breaking through the traditional rigid led display.It can be 360 degree rotated.
2.12mm thickness integrated system
3.When you spread out this magic book,you will see a fantastic led project .When it’s colsed,it’s as thin as a book.The 1700mm long led display turn into a 190mm thick book.Isn’t it magic.
4.With special design and magnetic sels-lockers,you will save 90% assembly time and 60% space.24 PANELS CAN PUT into one flight case which means 60% transportation cost can be saved in each application.
5.Foldable led display remains hot,as it is foldable ,light weight ,ultra thin ,irregular shape available and high pitch density

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