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What Big Thing Happened To LED Industry?

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 23, 2016

◆ Chinese acquisition of Lumileds Secret or reason for the decline due to LED chip technology involving military

In mid-January this year, Chinese buyers waiting nearly a year, the United States rejected its acquisition of Philips Lumileds company's 80.1 percent stake in the transaction, but always rejected reason is not known to the outside world.

Recently, the "Reference News" quoted foreign media sources said, one expert and another person involved in the transaction discussions revealed the existence of concerns about China's ambitions in the area of the chip is the main reason that US officials refused to approve the deal. However, industry sources said, the United States vetoed the deal, not because it concerns a simple LED chip technology, but because LED chip belongs to the technical field of semiconductor, if the chip technology for a variety of sophisticated electronic equipment and military fields, the detrimental to the protection of competitive industries.

◆ GE in the United States overall sprint Stock CFL bulbs LED penetration

US light bulb manufacturers GE plans stock saving bulb (CFL), the US stock market will be fully expected to be completed exit CFL market sprint LED bulb end, GE LED bulb market share is currently still behind CREE (Cree), OSRAM (Osram), Philips (Philips), a legal person is expected to be held once again this year, manufacturers promotions, Taiwan LED factory in terms of the price rise would not be easy, but shipments are expected to increase.

◆ large single strikes! GE JPMorgan to five thousand outlets installed LED lighting

General Electric Company (General Electric Co., GE) has been with JP Morgan Chase & Co. (JPMorgan Chase & Co., JPM) signed an agreement for the latter to install new lighting device outlets in the United States of 5000 banks.

Current sales of new business GE LED lighting systems are estimated, after installation, JP Morgan Chase bank outlets and lighting-related energy consumption will be reduced by 50%. Under the agreement, Current will be replaced in the next two years to about 1.4 million existing lamps into LED lighting, covering 25 million square feet (2.32 million square meters) of space. Current expects the new lighting system laid JPMorgan year for 18,400 kilowatts of energy saving. The amount of the transaction were not disclosed.

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