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Watch Bob Mayo's Report About Led Display

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 03, 2015

Artist renderings illustrating the project showed the LED display glowing day and night. The developer envisioned using it to display public art and public service announcements, but acknowledged that it could also serve as an advertising billboard. The proposal also included plans to cover the building with a mesh that would move with the wind. That portion of the plan will face further review by city planning. The rest of the project, including new executive apartments, retail space and renovated parking was approved.

Several opponents of the LED display testified prior to the planning commission vote.

"This has no business being in our town. We love this place. We live downtown. We love this place. Just say no," said resident John Rohe.

"They're ugly. Does anybody here want to wake up in the morning, look out their window and want to look at a billboard? I would venture (to say) no," said David Demko of Scenic Pittsburgh.

"I hope the planning commission would say 'we can do better on the design of this building,'" said Rob Pfaffman, an architect who works downtown.

In the end, the planning commission rejected the LED display portion of the redevelopment plan.

"It's our front door. And even if there's nothing on there, it still looks like a billboard yet to be written," said commission member Christine Mondor.

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