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Value Of Outdoor Media LED Display

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 20, 2016

With digital technology, information technology, the Internet, mobile Internet and the rapid development of social media, the growing trend of media fragmentation, audience access to the media time is further divided, to attract the attention of the target audience in the media will be the effective time the most development potential of the media.

Outdoor media LED display with its high definition digital trends, new media become a force can not be ignored. It is not just an extension of traditional outdoor media and television media and microblogging, LBS positioning, social media and mobile terminals combined to construct a three-dimensional space and consumer interaction and communication, as well as given more creative possible, shaped core part of their media value.

Through investigation, Outdoor media LED display the value of mass media are the following:

First, the core business district, casting a unique space value

Outdoor media LED display construction location at the heart of most of the city's landmark, the central business district, transportation corridors, as well as other people with functional traffic-intensive places. With urbanization and the popularity of family cars, these places have become the mainstream of urban population engaged in business and leisure, dining and shopping, working out and other important places indispensable, because it has scarce core characteristics, and also become a marketing value quality forms of media.

Second, the arrival rate, effective coverage audience

Outdoor media LED display area, has a striking, strong visual impact, a wide range of viewing angles and dazzling color and other characteristics, has a good line of sight and ultra-clear picture, coupled with the unique advantages of space, making the LED large screen media to attract urban population eyeball. LED large screen has a relatively stable, repeated contact with the audience, which is conducive to LED large screen media effective communication and understanding.

Third, the audience recognition, boosting ad performance Conversion

The study found that outdoor LED display can effectively enhance the audience's perception and attitude toward the brand for outdoor media, most think playing ads on Outdoor media LED display brand big brands with the strength and the industry's leading brands. Meanwhile LED large screen advertising to enhance the impression of the brand and the product is also very helpful, the intensity of advertising products and a good brand image thus formed, for consumers to buy will have a pivotal role.

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