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Title: How To Buy Led Display Screen

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 22, 2016

LED display along with the progress of mankind, has made rapid development, people are also increasingly monitor the quality of care, a total of five parameters associated LED display quality is more important, that is life, brightness, power consumption, wavelength and consistency. These are all important manifestation LED display performance.

The first is life, this is the key point, the theoretical life of LED devices for 100,000 hours, LED display is much larger than the other components, as long as the LED device quality assurance, appropriate operating current, PCB cooling rational design, strict production process display, LED devices the whole display will be one of the most durable components. Followed by the brightness, the screen brightness is determined by superimposing the luminance value of the LED. Red, green, and blue brightness ratio of about 3: 6: 1, brightness is not as high as possible, the right is the most important. The third is the power consumption, LED device determines the power consumption of the LED display, red, green, and blue brightness of each 20% increase in the brightness of the display remains unchanged, the display of power will be reduced by 15 %. The fourth is the wavelength, the wavelength determines the dynamic color gamut of the display. LED full color display of three colors are measured by the wavelength. High-quality full-color LED display should have a wide color gamut. The fifth is consistency, including brightness uniformity, color consistency, consistency point of view.

When selecting LED display, we must be optimistic about these parameters, choose their high-quality display is the most important. Development of LED display industry, will create competitive enterprises, only to do their quality in order to stand out among the fierce competition.

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