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Three Data Of LED Display Control Software

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 15, 2016

First, the basic parameters

The basic parameters are basic parameters of the display, if not set correctly, you can not communicate or do not show as well as the display is not normal. The basic parameters include the width of the display height, control card address, baud rate, IP address, port number, MAC address, subnet mask, gateway, refresh rate and a shift clock frequency of 10 items.

Second, the auxiliary parameter

Auxiliary parameter is to better control and display parameters and settings, including the name of the control card, communication mark is displayed, switch the screen brightness, and a total of four times.

Third, the core parameters

Core parameters are parameters necessary for the display, if not set correctly, ranging from not displayed, while screen burn. Core parameters including cascaded direction, OE polarity and data polarity, display type, color, scan mode, take the point total of the order and the order of the lines 8.

For basic configuration parameters and secondary parameters, providing input boxes and selection boxes, user input and selection, direct connection of display settings. For the core parameters, then you are using a professional Quick, intelligent configuration and external configuration file to complete the three methods.

1, professional Quick

For common and common types of display parameters are generally fixed, then can pre-order a file or table, you can choose to load the configuration during commissioning.

2, intelligent configuration

For the less common or are unsure of the display, the parameters are unknown, this time may be intelligent configuration, determine its configuration parameters, and save it for later use.

3, the external configuration file

The intelligent configuration or other means to build an external file into the configuration.

Of the three core parameters in the configuration, intelligent configuration is more important to a configuration method, the main processes and functions are as follows:

1. Start intelligent configuration.

2, through guided, allowing users to select and display human-computer interaction, intelligent configuration operations begin by filling out the initial parameter that determines the polarity of OE / data polarity, determines the color, determine the scanning mode, take the point to determine the order to determine the line and generating a sequence of configuration parameters and other steps to complete the core parameters determined.

3, the return intelligent configuration parameters.

4, connected to the display, set the parameters.

5, if correct, then the output parameter operation.

In summary, a need to display more than 20 parameters configured properly to light, its cumbersome, complexity can be imagined. As the LED display manufacturing cost is relatively high, if not set correctly, ranging from

It does not display, while the display screen burn, causing heavy economic losses and schedule delays. Therefore, some caution LED control software, on the safe side, the design of complex, inconvenient to use is understandable.

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