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The Latest Data Of LED Display Industry

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 19, 2016

 A, LED industry patent application up to 50061

By the end of 2013, Guangdong Province LED industry patent applications reached 50,061, accounting for 26.63 percent of the national total LED patent applications, accounting for 4.08% of all patent applications in Guangdong Province. From the structural point of view of patent applications, invention patent applications 11 067, accounting for 22.11 percent of total applications; utility model patent application 28218, accounting for 56.37 percent of total applications; design patent application 10776, accounting for 21.52 percent of total applications .

Second, LED display applications packaging market growth is expected in 2019 the global market size will reach $ 3.56 billion

ElectroniCast Consultants latest data show that in 2014 the global LED display signs and professional applications packaged LED market is about $ 2 billion from the 2014-2019 Annual growth rate of 11.9%, so 2019 will reach $ 3.56 billion. In terms of value, HB-LED ahead of standard LED, but the production standard LED dominant, because the average price of a big gap between the two.

Three, LED driver IC plant in March accumulated revenues of 1.98 billion New Taiwan dollars

LED driver IC plant in March accumulated revenues of 1.98 billion New Taiwan dollars (about RMB 40 million yuan), month by 59.31 percent annual growth 21.03%; Q1 revenue of 457 million yuan Taiwan dollars (about RMB 390 million) , quarter by 12% annual growth 10.02%. Accumulate noted that with the arrival of the traditional peak season, coupled to the LED display driver IC continued to launch new products, and gradually to snatch market share, Q2 revenues will continue warming, estimated April-June average monthly revenue expected to maintain in March, with similar size.


Fourth, China's largest LED packaging company market share is higher than 9%

According to the US IHS predicts 2013 Linsen become China's largest LED packaging business, its market share slightly above 9%.


Five, LED full color display in the global market will reach $ 9.55 billion

According to institutional analysis, LED full color display in the LED display market share is still less than 50%, but rapid growth is expected to 2014, global LED full color display in the global market will maintain an average of about 30 % growth, the market size will increase to $ 9.55 billion, about three times in 2010.

Data show, LED display industry is a high growth industry, specializing in the invention is increasing year by year, the market prospects, especially in full-color LED display and packaging applications market grew particularly fast. In the face of development opportunities, each manufacturer are equal, who moves faster, more accurate, whoever wins this good opportunity!

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