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The Global LED Output Value IS 14.325 Billion US Dollars In 2015 , The Annual Decline Of 3%

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 12, 2016

LEDinside Research Associate Roger Chu said that several negative output growth in 2015 mainly due to the following:

1.LED technology upgrading, reducing the number of stars make use of. Such as import flip-chip LED TV backlight technology, LED backlit number may decline further.

2. The rise of alternative technologies. OLED panel technology to mature, more and more mobile phone manufacturers want to differentiate introduced into OLED panel. Since the self-luminous OLED panel features LED backlighting is not required, so the smartphone backlighting applications due to the rise of OLED technology is gradually being replaced.

3. oversupply. As the overall industry oversupply, overcapacity, leading to intense price competition, as LED lighting applications, although the number continued to grow, but the growth of prices so that the magnitude of the overall value of slowing down.

Roger Chu said that in 2016 the overall LED demand will continue to grow. In addition to LED backlighting applications due to a technical alternative to OLED panels rise, leading to the decline in the number of use, the number of the use of general lighting, automotive lighting and displays and other applications are still in a growth trend.

On the other hand, since the gap between supply and demand has not been balanced, the 2016 LED competitive price pressures persist. However, over the past year because of excessive price competition among LED manufacturers, LED products have been presented so many sold at a loss, or even close to the cash costs of the state, so the prices have been relatively limited space.

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