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The Definition Of Refresh Rate?

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 05, 2016


Measurement methods seem to ignore the users really care about, it also is not well to take into account the different driver IC, driver circuit and methods used by various manufacturers, resulting in the difficulty of the test. For example, the full color of the Shenzhen Stadium tender, in the expert sample test, the test of this indicator has brought many problems. "Refresh rate" and a screen shows the countdown of the time required to display as a light source, that is, the blinking frequency of the light source. We can use instruments similar to "light a sense of the frequency meter test display light flashing frequency to reflect this indicator. Testing done in this area use the oscilloscope to measure any color of the LED drive current waveform to determine the refresh rate, measured at 200Hz in a white field; three gray-scale and low grayscale measured frequency up to more than a dozen k-Hz, using the PR-650 spectrometer measurements; in the white or in 200,100,50 level gray scale, the metering source flicker frequency was 200 Hz.

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