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The Best Way To Maintain Outdoor LED Display Screen

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 10, 2016

1.Do a good cleaning for the outdoor LED display. After a long-time use, there must be lots of dust cover the screen that will impact the viewing effect and also is bad for the electric circuit. So wipe out the dust timely, do it lightly to reduce the harm to the minimum.

2.No water or electric conduction things in outdoor LED display screen. Please cut off the power immediately if water is found in the screen or cabinet. Only re-start the LED display after make sure the inner screen panel is dry.

3.Keep the damp or other humid things out of the outdoor LED display. Power on the LED display with humidity that will cause the components corrosion,  then the perpetual damage.

4.Keep a regular health-checking for the outdoor LED display.

5.Switching sequence: Start the control computer first, after it works normally, power on the outdoor LED display; Power off the outdoor LED display first, then the computer.

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