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The Application Of Led Big Screen In The Wedding

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 12, 2016

Wedding LED display that during the wedding ceremony, the couple can show wedding or shooting weddings MV video effects device. Today's LED display screen is used in all walks of life. According to different sectors of properties, characteristics and use are different.

Wedding LED display functions:

1, played by newcomer to the hotel before the wedding photos and new growth process consisting of an electronic album.

2, the couple came to the hotel, played on the big screen LED immediately highlights couple had just happened when the next of kin, and the new site visitors can feel the joy of the next of kin during the procedure by LED clear picture.

3, at the wedding ceremony and wedding through LED displays the link supporting dynamic and static images, these images can be Footage can also be pre-shoot good video, you can play back the three-dimensional and two-dimensional animation, make the wedding more gorgeous wedding scene setting, make the wedding more touching, allow the visitors to get more enjoyment of beauty.

4, the use of LED large screen in advance for the new production of the MV, the scene guests and guests from afar could not attend the blessing new houses, licensing and other video, so that within the wedding more profound cultural connotation.

5, LED large screen and wedding imaging device is connected, via LED on the details of the wedding performances, guest more clearly see the details of the wedding, so the wedding can watch stronger.

6, through the LED equipment advanced digital broadcasting system cut, the couple after the wedding, the wedding ceremony can immediately see the disc.

7, live sand painting performances, webcast, on-site lottery.

8, the grand scene can be multi-screen interaction.

Three Problems wedding LED display:

1, wedding LED large screen bigger the better?

Select Led screen size does not care, but depends on the aspect ratio prior to science, the aspect ratio of the general market mainstream there! 4: 3 and 16: 9. The former television with more, which is commonly used in high-definition format, the computer display is also commonly used. Take mainstream P3 screen for, 0.5m * 0.5m one, if the proportion is set to 16: 9, the size is set at about 20 square can choose 6m * 3.5m this size; if about 30 square can choose 7.5m * 4m. Size, proportions set size is generally composed of a variety of factors. For example, site, design, budget, and other aspects.

2. Wedding LED screen on which location?

Usually there are two screen discharge method: the middle or right and left sides. LED in the middle of words, most of our attention remains on the screen. This is to create an atmosphere more conducive to the ceremony variability will be relatively strong, of course, disadvantages are also obvious. Strong backlight, lighting for photography and a higher requirement. If the requirements are very high for the latter part of the photo, or to do your homework. Of course, if you have more requirements, then the wedding scene, or to live the main, it was on both sides will be more appropriate.

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