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The Advantages Of Taxi Top Led Display

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 14, 2016

The advantages of Taxi top led display


Liquidity, timeliness, diversity: taxi as urban traffic tools, large, strong liquidity and, in the city of the permeability of swimming beyond compare, really is a lane, and advertising tools selection point is on the size of the audience rate and the spread of the range. Taxis run day and night the characteristics of the interpretation of as advertising carrier transmission of absolute advantage, the all-weather flow propaganda of timeliness. Message screen compared with traditional cable screen, and the difference is the biggest advantage of flow in the receiving, storage, display information, more than one screen can be looping advertising information, the utilization rate of the media is other media can not match.Unlike the boring plastic display or the dull amber led text only display you have seen,our dazzing led taxi top excites,captures and lock in the mass audiences’attention by displaying wupra bright,high impact,high resolution,full color photo ot graphic,animation or video in many display effects.More details pls visit the Shenzhen LightS Technology Co.,Ltd.

Mobility, timeliness, diversity: taxi as urban transport, a huge number, and strong liquidity, its permeability city swimming unmatched, described as pervasive street, and advertising tools Select the point spread is the value of the size and scope of the audience rates. Day and night run taxi interpretation of the characteristics of the absolute superiority as an advertising vehicle communication, its all-weather flow propaganda timeliness is evident. SMS screen compared to traditional wired screen, the biggest advantage is that it can flow and the difference receive, store, display information, a screen can loop multiple advertising messages, the utilization of its media that other media can not match.


LED Display in the line of the Advertising

Advertising LED displays are used for commercial advertising, sometimes they are called digital billboard. LED display has been   very popular now in the advertising field, you can see them in the street, in the road side, even anywhere can be put an ad. What’s worth mentioning, all the advertising displays in LAMP can pass EMC.Advertising LED displays are used for commercial advertising, they are sometimes called digital billboard or digital message signs. LED display has been very popular now in the advertising field, you can see them in streets, along roadsides, even anywhere you desire to show your ads. What’s worth mentioning, all Lamp-made advertising displays can pass EMC test.More details inform pls visit the  Shenzhen LightS Technology Co.,Ltd.

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