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Solution Of LED News Screen

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 12, 2016

1, LED information publishing display system can accelerate the development of the service sector to adapt to new tasks, accelerate the transformation of economic development, promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure important content.

2, LED information publishing display system can adapt to new ways of resource-saving and environment-friendly development, strengthen energy and resource conservation and environmental protection, and enhance capacity for sustainable development, land conservation, reduce energy consumption and protect the environment more prominent position, with minimal resource consumption and environmental costs to achieve sound and rapid development.

3, LED information publishing display system can adapt to the new requirements of building an innovative country, and actively promote the concept of innovation, technological innovation, institutional innovation and policy innovation.

 4, LED information publishing display system can adapt to the new changes in industrialization, information, urbanization, marketization and internationalization, to further develop and support the role of a good pilot, narrow area, the gap between urban and rural public services, promoting equality of basic public services of.

 5, LED information publishing display system can adapt to the new demands of economic and social development, improve the level of export-oriented economy, logistics, flow, information flow will be more active, safe, economical, reliable, efficient, achieve economies of scale, speed and quality, efficiency Coordinated development.

 Shenzhen LightS information release LED display Features

1, IP-based digital transmission network: Shenzhen LightS display LED information release system uses digital transmission network and control center programs produced and distributed to each task display terminal, which enables remote control and terminal management over the network.

2, supports a variety of file formats currently on the market: the ability to support a variety of formats, the file format can be BMP / JPG / GIF and other image, but also for PowerPoint format, MPG2, MPEG4, AVI, ASF video format, Flash format, HTML / MMS / EXE / COM, etc., can also realize the network video-on-demand capabilities.

 3, can control a variety of display terminal device: good control of synchronous transfer mode dual color LED and full-color LED.

 4, accurate and real-time information broadcasting: After editing the mission control center table, program list, and task list through the network will be distributed to the designated program table display terminal device, the terminal will display the edited program table to play. In a special program needs spots, you can at any time spots text information, image information, dynamic information, video information and so on; the operation is very convenient, remote achieve effective management of all devices, information.

 5, a powerful terminal control and monitoring functions: Shenzhen Lights display LED information release system can effectively manage all display terminal equipment, including power management, IP management, proofing time management, display terminal grouping management. You can control the display terminal switch to achieve power management, playout servers unattended broadcast. Control Center host can broadcast any program at any time a network controller, real-time monitoring.

 6, Emergency spots shows and subtitles: In the Control Center host can always spots emergency program to any network controller and instant insert horizontal or vertical scrolling marquee, the network controller to broadcast an emergency program to continue after the original broadcast programs.

7, system maintenance is simple: the network controller used in all industrial products production process. Free client software maintenance, system software can be managed and maintained through the Control Center.

 8, simple and easy to use: Shenzhen LightS display LED information release system is simple and easy to use, operation and general office software similar, no professional production staff and maintenance personnel, ordinary little computer knowledge have been used office software staff through several Training days to the system operation and maintenance.

 Fourth, Shenzhen LightS information release LED display solutions

The entire solution consists of software control systems and power distribution systems, video and audio processing systems, control systems, LED display and peripheral equipment and other hardware components, the system configuration of each solution will vary according to the different requirements of customers, the following System Description for reference only.If you want to know more,plese visit this

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