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Small Pitch LED Display

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 07, 2016

As the market economy continues to develop, LED display market more widely. Walking down the street you can see their shadows. Recently, a small pitch LED display as commercial display market buzzword, indicating that the display industry will enter a small pitch era!

At present large-sized commercial display market LED display products mainly for large outdoor display applications and remote viewing application, in this environment, small pitch products for the needs of users purchase value does not exist. That is a small pitch LED display appears, for a closer look at the small size of the product was born, that is, for indoor applications. So what is a small pitch LED display it? Point spacing of less than or equal to 3.1mm LED display products can be called a small pitch LED display, the main products include P3.1, P2.5, P1.9, P1.5 and so on.

Small pitch LED display is referred to a set of systems, including LED display system, high-definition display control system, and cooling systems. Small pitch LED display with pixel-point control technology, to achieve the brightness of the display pixel units, the reduction of color and uniformity of state control. In the production process of the display used in all automatic reflow soldering process, after the need for manual welding.

Shenzhen LightS TECH Co.,ltd. LED display is well-known manufacturers, the company produced a small pitch LED display cabinet imported cast aluminum unibody, fixed internal stiffening rib, tensile shock, life expectancy up to 10 years. Box has a light, thin, static and other characteristics, and excellent heat dissipation, excellent overall aesthetic characteristics. Human power and signal indicator, you can easily view the status screen body of work, in case of failure to timely adjust.

The emergence of a small pitch LED display, indoor display application market is good news, it will stimulate the development of the industry!

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