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Shenzhen LightS Solutions Stage Of LED Display

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 04, 2016

First, Shenzhen LightS stage LED display description

With LED display technology to improve the system, LED display in the stage background, special effects can show the effect of director who have been increasingly optimistic and use. With the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the 2011 Shenzhen Universiade, when the spring night in 2011 and other major events over the effects of large-scale LED display applications, large scenes big picture shock effects to make the stage and the actors and the audience into the body, so that the audience itself clinical environment. It brings shock while everyone confused, so perfect stage LED display effects is how to achieve?

Second, Shenzhen LightS stage LED display function

1, broadcast live, large, clear screen the game live, breaking the seat restrictions, allowing remote viewing performance easier, giving an immersive audio-visual feast;

 2, highlights, slow motion replay, close-up, to create a special background environment, the mood to play to show up;

3, lifelike picture with awesome music perfectly combine to create a momentum, a very modern scene;

Third, Shenzhen LightS stage LED display Features

★ high-resolution and high pixel density, true reproduction of high-definition images;

★ has a high refresh rate and high intensity, so that the screen LED display more realistic, meet business with high visual quality requirements, to meet the needs of different occasions taken to effectively prevent the flicker when shooting;

★ having a photosensitive control system, changes in indoor and outdoor lighting automatically adjusts the display brightness, energy saving and environmental protection according to both significantly reduce your operating costs, but also make it easier for the audience to accept;

★ brightness, color-by-point correction, so that the screen LED display richer, meet business with high visual quality requirements; and make the body of the screen different batches of mixed use;

★ high-quality aircraft-grade connectors: power and signal cable connection plug, plug-in socket with high reliability, connection continuity and good resistance to high mating cycles, plug convenient and quick; parts common, easily identifiable exchange;

★ ultra-thin precision Case: 65mm, die-cast aluminum case with CNC finishing from its dimensional tolerance of less than 0.2mm, with a special light-shielding design to ensure seamless inter-cabinet level, standardized design, can be arbitrary assembly, high-grade appearance;

★ delicate hanging with side lock member: high housing interconnecting member strength, not easily deformed, accurate position, enabling seamless, easy disassembly, saving labor costs;

★ product launch set of low-power solution that enables energy saving than the original display runtime 1/3, further significantly reduce your operating costs;

★ equipped with professional audio and video processing systems support a variety of signal processing stage to ensure that the quality of the signal processing, so that the image signal fidelity playback becomes possible, enabling live;

★ equipped with a variety of air box, box for easy storage and transportation, and the LED display played a very good protection;

★ outdoor water effect model, with IP65 protection grade, suitable for use in outdoor environments;

★ according to customer requirements and site environment, tailor the most appropriate customized LED display solutions;

Shenzhen LightS stage LED display screen can be cut into a plurality of video screens broadcast, the display can be independently combined, in any combination to play the relevant background, a large screen can be displayed according to performance demand partition, and to achieve graphic superposition, background picture playback or synthetic video signal processor of the same screen display, can play characters close-up, do text scrolling, or spots playback screen horizontally lapse video images, but also up and down movements become literal, personal video images, lighting, landscaping stage background and the stage floor, to the other requirements required by the owners of software design and system control. With professional audio and video processing systems support a variety of signal processing stage to ensure that the quality of the signal processing, so that the image signal fidelity playback possible.

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