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Shenzhen LightS Lintel LED Display Functional Advantages

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 11, 2016

Shenzhen LightS lintel LED display with a convenient information release, the goal targeted, and high return on investment.

1, premium release of information: the system based on user parameter settings to a certain time interval data from the front-end premium to accept the head office, the associated conversion, save the data and publish to each display.

2, the system according to the parameters set amount of users, dividing certain area, according to the set time to save data and publish it to half outdoor, outdoor LED full lintel display.

3, the system according to the parameters set amount of user data obtained from the server, issued to each network data stored publish semi-outdoor, outdoor LED full lintel display.

4, the system according to the parameters set amount of users, the products first time text messages via TCP / IP mode is automatically reflected in the network need to publish semi-outdoor, outdoor LED full lintel display.

5, can be set up branches, sub-branches and outlets three privilege management.

 Shenzhen LightS  lintel LED Display Features

★ combination of a variety of sizes, beautiful structure, easy installation and maintenance.

★ semi-outdoor screen with a single lamp design, and to meet the waterproof, ★Shenzhen LightS lintel LED display control using asynchronous technology, the display by the computer screen after sending the body may be present, data transmission using TCP / IP mode. Transmission control data signals between a computer and display, twisted pair and sender / receiver, display dedicated interface cards compatible with any computer network.

★Shenzhen LightS  lintel LED display system circuit design advanced and reasonable, uniform brightness, color reproduction is good, visual display no flicker, water ripple phenomenon, screen structure smooth and beautiful.

★Shenzhen LightS lintel LED display general technical requirements in line with "People's Republic of China Electronic Industry Standard" and "LED display general provisions -SJ / T11141-2003".

★ display content editing convenient, flexible and easy to operate. Broadcast system with multimedia software, the flexibility to enter, edit and broadcast a variety of information, you can edit the play text messages (WORD, TXT) format, font size can be arbitrarily selected file, you can set the playback speed, in addition to multiple messages simultaneously broadcast.

★Shenzhen LightS lintel LED display content via local (network) remote control of a computer and program control. To display flexible, full-screen display the same content, but also in the same division Screen display different content; can be any sequence or simultaneously broadcast different content in each sub-region; with multi-window screen while playing in different proportions and text capabilities; You can resize partitions (window) size and number.If you want to know more,please visit this

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