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Processes Of LED Display Installed And Manufacturing Production

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 20, 2016

LED display we have to do, first of all have an ample supply of the material, Xiao Bian today to collect a LED display installed production manufacturing process, as we well understand the materials needed to explain the process and the display. A display frame covering local, local display, curb local, local supply and gadgets.

1. Frame parts: special aluminum, corners, metal frame, rear apron (aluminum panels, OSB will do)

2. Local display: unit board. Accessories include: cable power cord.

3. Local curb: curb cards, the adapter board, cable. NOTE! (The individual does not have to curb card adapter plate and cable)

4. Local power supply: 220V-5V power supply. Commonly used for the 40A, 30A. Start working conditions may be.

5. Gadgets: 16P cable, 16P chuck and clamp, three-core data cable, DB9 head (pin, female) DB9 plastic shell, power lines, self-tapping. Strong magnet (stud and diskette)

6. Tools: mutilation machines, crimping pliers, electric iron, wire stripper, screwdriver.

Assembling steps

A good display of the first to confirm that the volume of the frame, below I explain all of a sudden cut-border approach. The most commonly used 3.5 * 90 profiles and P10 unit board, for example. Display volume of 2 * 5.

1. Make sure the unit board sizes, requiring very accurate to the millimeter. P10 unit board take it: its size is 16cm * 32cm.

Cell plate height and width dimensions of the net, as shown in Example 2. The calculated high internal display is 2 * 16cm = 32cm wide and 32cm * 5 Kuai = 160cm

3. Subtract in quite good net sizes 4mm, as described above, the net size of 32cm * 160cm, then the size of the aluminum should be (32cm-4mm) * (160cm-4mm) = 31.6cm * 159.6cm. 31.6 and 159.6 is the actual size of the aluminum and the display required more than three meters above minus 5mm.

4. The good cut corners and profiles with self-tapping countersigned good, thoroughly clean debris finishing, face down put away.

5. Place the cell plate in the direction away, not the wrong direction. Local authorities must have pins toward high profile.

6. The magnet stud attached to the unit board and the floppy disk into the nursery broadcasting Column recess Chao inside.

7. A good amount of light steel keel desired length and cut well, put it on a magnet, try to make the magnet in a central location of the keel and avoid from the deviation.

8. The keel with a self-tapping and border countersigned good.

9. Use cable countersigned the cell plate up into the bridge, so that cable has not button the phenomenon.

10. The power supply to the appropriate position inside the profile, can be based on the lower side to say where did indeed recognize the power, the power to reveal the profile common on the bottom of the screen. Note that the cell plate insulation.

11. countersigned power lines, power lines can not be a clear understanding of the countersigned, revealing screen is certainly low-voltage work, but the current is very large. And not all the way over, a full current P10 cell board is 4A, that is to say a 40A power supply can take ten cell board. Revealing screen lines in parallel, is connected to the positive anode, a cathode connected to the cathode, Common VCC, + 5V, + V is positive. GND, COM, -V cathode. And the positive cathode must not pick the wrong, otherwise it will lead to the waste unit blackboard. Example: a 40A power supply with a 10 cell board, and we can be divided into three together to 5V power supply once, and then in three to the power supply once the final four together and to be connected to the power supply . That way every electric board not more than four units, so it will not because the current is too large lead to the destruction line.

12. The input unit curb card on board, and be sure to supply the 5V power directly from the power supply.

13. curb card pins are along the order of the points. As JK1.JK2 ... ... or J1.J2 ... ... JP1.JP2 ... ... a position to need countersigned by the input of the cell plate that a cell plate at the top of the arrow.

14. countersigned cell board and curb block: pin peripheral curb ordinary card has a white color of the letters A, input unit board also has such characters, as long as the two A parallel countersigned by cable It is accurate.

15. make more work to do after the screen inside the debris must be thoroughly clean and organize, to avoid the end of the conductive aluminum tape, at the end of the iron, thread fall inside the circuit board unit board motivate destroyed.

16. After finishing work do prepare thoroughly, power test, provided that the value of good lines. Since most digital control card before unmodified values are revealed not normal. So meet energized after revealing garbled, dark, there are bright spots, and so on ... ... not scared, just make sure there is no wrong on the positive cathode do not ignore it.

17. Value Line welding method: Normal display uses only two kinds of below three kinds. Extension cord: This is Each display needs. As the name suggests, its utility is to curb the value of the interface card to extend to the outer exposed screen. Because you want to win the title screen will eventually cover the total split data can not be changed back once it cover his material needs:! Do not have a very long three-conductor cord, a DB9 pin, a DB9 hole. Above each DB9 welding at the back of the 6789 are marked with digital, we need only countersign it inside three on it. 2 with three three-core wire welding it inside a 235-pin holes 2 and live. 3 and 5 live and 5 3 welding welding live. Somehow put back plastic shell attached to one end of the needle, (due to the hole in the screen inside) OK!

The two lines do not intersect with the extension line of the same welding method, the difference is two lines do not intersect with two DB9 holes are demands on the plastic shell. Staggered lines and two lines do not intersect the same material, the difference is staggered line 2 is connected to another 3 on 3 is connected to another 2, then 5. 5 still also needs two heads plastic shell.

18. The staggered lines and two lines do not intersect is the basis for the vote to curb the use of cards and must remain parallel staggered.

19. The remaining well above post office is to regulate the premise is sure to energize the ability to adjust the display. Due to curb card category is very much on the market, I do not adjust the Shao Jie.

Test 2-5 days 20. After this adjustment, no problem if you can cut a good back cover shut again. Eventually you can make delivery!


1. The cell plate and curb the card must not be connected to more than 5V of power.

2. The full line is the cathode must not be wrong.

3. It is important to thoroughly clean debris finishing within the screen.

4. 220V AC regardless of positive cathode.

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