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Price Competition Is Not The Only Way In LED Display Industry

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 05, 2016

 led display market development in recent years is particularly hot, one is led outdoor display ad serving effect is a lot of businesses are certainly applications followed led display slowly expanding, which led led display market demand gradually increased, but the manufacturers led display, but not easy, many businesses but made it clear: led display business more and more bad.


Speaking led display industry is not good to do, in fact, are manifold, but the most crucial point is that the market price of chaos, a large number of manufacturers of those listed companies, their energies are bent on bashing engaged in some small pitch led display screen products, a small pitch for the product increased the threshold of access, if you want to produce small pitch led display it must have the material conditions of production of small pitch, the first technically this condition, with the technology also need to have machinery and equipment support, trapped in some small manufacturers do not have much money to buy equipment, and can reach the height reached by ordinary products on a small pitch product margins, which is their profit growth. Large number of listed companies to divide the cup of soup, do not have much time to do the conventional product.


Other midstream manufacturers, the price is relatively high, but the relatively low price compared to those of some listed companies, but also not much lower, some manufacturers midstream they want to make money, a listed company may do some projects underwritten, but these companies do not now labor costs increased year by year, so that some middle enterprises flies very hard, increase in raw material costs (raw materials than the monthly cash purchase price of raw materials tall three o'clock) This led to the middle and upper reaches led display business the development has encountered a big problem, if suppliers come together money, without much money Loaning case, the absolute collapse only in the higher prices of our products to increase profits in order to display products difficult to keep the development of enterprises, such as manufacturers of relatively higher prices.


There are a number of manufacturers, specialized wholesale, wholesale prices may talk to equate this society no one can really businessman from the heart to tell you that I sell this stuff to you, do not earn a penny or owe to you, as long as the businessman said to listen to anyone who does not believe. They use raw materials that can tell you about, but he is wholesale only, you will not control the service. It is an example to ph10 outdoor full color, led light led the big screen is the key, in the cost of raw materials which he accounted for 50-60% of the cost, packaging factory Shenzhen side a better price than what a few lights Mediocre packaging factory price of a square of a difference between 500-1000 square, the driver IC are more articles, and now more and more popular on the market that is the brand name of a certain brand sales in Taiwan, but in fact with the appearance of the same no other brands of IC, a certain brand in Taiwan says the model, the cost may be saved, the board of the article is probably the circuit board inside the trace thickness, if the thickness is below standard, the screen will be in use during the break, a break less board also can fly out a few lines connected to the outside, if more, the module is basically destroyed. There is a cable, you can look carefully at all to do wholesale manufacturers use essentially copper clad aluminum cables, more aluminum cables, wires used in this process may have a fever, do not believe you can test about; there are cabinet, if you buy a small screen that actually does not matter, if you buy a big-screen box will have to pay attention, and one step back is the thickness of the metal casing of at least 1.2mm or 1.5 mm, the industry helpful 0.8mm box, this is not very easy to deform it for yourself! mask and suite is good or bad is the most direct mask mosaic, deformation and even cracks kit. The quality of the glue price effects led display is not too large, or if the projects abroad is that you put the screen is mounted near moisture or wish to place heavier consider using masks screw steel bar. BTW Do not be obsessed manufacturers to market the entire wafer of led light-emitting diodes, in which not much to say.

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