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Outdoor LED Display Not Loading Up A Few Of The Reasons

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 01, 2015

While working in the outdoor LED display, recurrent phenomena that cannot be loaded. British manufacturers electronic LED display screen from the following aspects to analyze the causes of LED display screen not loading up.

1, view the jumper caps are loose or have fallen off if the jumper caps without loosening, make sure that the jumper caps in the right direction.

2, check and confirm that the serial cable used to connect controllers for straight lines, rather than crossing lines.

3, check to make sure the serial port connector are intact and not loose or have fallen off at both ends.

4, control LED display control software and their control card of choice to select the appropriate product type and correct transmission mode, the correct series number, the correct serial transmission rate and the control software provided within the dial switch set correctly on the control system hardware address Yuan and serial transmission rate.

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