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More Details Of Led Screen

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 30, 2016

We often see or hear people saying P10 LED display, or P5, P16, the P is to point to any two adjacent pixels to the center of the physical distance, another way to from here as pixels shine diameter lower than; The smaller the distance between points at close range when the display screen ornamental images is exquisite degree more good; The greater the distance between points, best observation distance increases, LED the luminous intensity of also need to appropriate heighten.

Resolution of led screen

Refers to display terminals in horizontal and vertical direction on the picture processing and display ability, usually with horizontal and vertical direction XiangSuShu effective of the product of the XiangSuShu effective, that is to say the total number of pixels effect.

Gray level of led sign

No matter use LED production monochrome, double color or a full-color LED display to a display image of the pixels each LED to the luminous intensity must can adjust and the control of delicate degree of gray level is display screen. Gray level, the high, show the picture more exquisite, colour is also more rich, the corresponding display and control system is also more complicated. General level 256 shades of the image, color transition already was very gentle, and 16/32 / level 64 shades of color images, color transition boundary is very clear. So, color LED the current are required to make class 256/16384 gray, the gray level of the realization of the combination of colors and color excessive is more than the human eye to color resolution ability.

Virtual pixel technology (also called LED multiplexing technique or pixel decomposition technique)

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