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Market Changes Of LED Display Applications Development

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 16, 2016

China's LED display applications industry development and international basic synchronization, and has been fully internationalized and includes a conventional display directly with the international giants on the same stage the strength of competition, China has the world's LED display industry shift. Throughout the development of the chain, combined with the current economic situation at home and abroad, LED large screen display industry has the following significant trends:

1, high-definition, high-density, lightweight, low ash, compatibility with standard household product upgrade is the trend of development

Traditional display technology to mature, product reliability and technological level has been significantly improved and gradually improve and standardize core key technical level continued to improve; a small pitch products as the representative of high-density high-definition display products is the trend of development of the industry.

2, display a strong rental market development, LED penetration improved rapidly with small spacing

LED spacing small penetration improved rapidly, driven by business model innovation, the value of recycling a reality with a variety of cultural and sports activities, increasing demand for convention and exhibition, display technology has become more sophisticated support and other product diversity additive, which led to the rise of new business models international display space rental market is still wide, with the core competitiveness and brand recognition in the international market, companies will benefit directly from the development of the markets.

3, LED intelligent large video era and the era of things are open

With digital technology, information technology, the Internet, mobile Internet and the rapid development of social media, the growing trend of media fragmentation, audience access to the media time is further divided, to attract the attention of the target audience in the media will be the effective time the most development potential of the media.

4. LED screen as a major communication carriers contemporary media, with the improvement of living standards, combined with its own high-definition digital trends, new media is increasingly becoming a force can not be ignored. It is not only an extension of traditional media and television media, by binding microblogging, letter, LBS positioning, social media and mobile terminal, build an interactive and communication with consumers three-dimensional space, screen and other equipment can be superimposed on each other connection, may give more creative, but also to shape the media belong to its core values.

5, "Internet +" and "large-screen visualization" booming "visualization" of the core concept is to integrate existing diversified information presentation technology, and information technology industry together to build oriented decision-making, even in the future autonomous intelligent decision-making as the goal "wisdom of the brain." The industry task, not a single large screen manufacturers independently, but under the "Internet +" background, by the superposition of resources and integration, orientation of the entire information technology industry to act together, with its inclusive and diverse display technology and display products, is a ecological information network system kind of sustainable development, which is the inevitable product of social development itself is a large screen industry development.

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