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Maintenance Procedures Of LED Display

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 18, 2016

A detection method LED display maintenance

1, short-circuit detection, the multimeter transferred to short-circuit detection block (generally with alarm functions, such as guide General stridulated), to detect whether there is the phenomenon of short circuit occurs, the short circuit was found to be immediately resolved, short circuit is the most common LED display module failure. Some through observation and IC pin pin pin can be found. Short detection circuit should be in the case of power failure operation, to avoid damage to the Meter. This method is the most commonly used method is simple and efficient. 90% of faults can be detected by this judgment.

2, resistance detection method, will be transferred multimeter resistance profile, detects the resistance value of a point to a normal circuit board, and then test to detect whether the same point with the normal resistance another piece of the same board have different, If it is different to determine the scope of the problem.

3, the voltage detection method, the multimeter transferred voltage profile, voltage detecting suspected to be a point of the circuit in question, whether the comparison is similar to normal, you can easily determine the scope of the problem.

4, drop detection, will be transferred multimeter diode drop detection gear, because all the IC are made of many basic-element composition, only miniaturized, so when there is a current through it a pin, will there is a voltage drop on the pin. Usually the same pin drop similar IC on the same model, according to the pressure drop pin relatively good or bad, must be operated in case of power failure of the circuit.


Second, LED screen repair essential tool

1, electric iron + sniffing each one, a plurality of solder

2,5V power supply 1, the power supply to the receiver card and maintenance of cell boards or modules

3, an electric screwdriver for quick disassembly or module unit board

4, computer + sending card for the sender to the receiver card

5, receiver card + HUB board, for observation module or unit board failure phenomenon

6, a multimeter, for detecting a specific module or unit board failure

7, tweezers, scissors, cutters and each one


Three, LED screen repair basic steps

1, to determine the type of HUB unit module board or board to use, so cable interface definition to the same.

2, depending on the type of cell or module board, to receive the card sends the appropriate procedures to ensure that the module and the cell plate in the correct program shows that this premise is to find out the cause of the fault. Usually the PCB will be printed on the unit or module board models.

3, the observation unit or module board phenomenon, to determine the initial failure. Such as a common blind lights, string point, small squares and so on.

4. Use a multimeter to find fault, mainly using short-circuit detection method above, between the chip and lamp pins for testing.

5, test again.

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