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LightS:A New Record On The Fair

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 23, 2015

Overseas market had always been an important part of LightS layout. Since LightS was founded in 2002, the overseas sales department had been established along with the company, and it bring huge growing space to LightSby expanding the overseas market.  In 2012, Light Soverseas market sales value surpass $3000 million, which make giant contribution to LightS 23% sales annual increasing.  2015, Light Soverseas sales department are making excellent job continue in overseas market again.

During this quarter, LightS are enlarging Europe, Middle east & Asia market by attending exhibition,and  focus on promoting LightS hot sell products-- Indoor p1.9 high resolution led screen ,Multi-function XII series and HD die-casting rental R series products and taxi roof signs.


15~18th, April, Prolight & sound was being held in Frankfurt, which contain highest end techology and newest trend for lighting, audio and video, It will be showed here to the visitor every year. LightS as a professional LED display exhibitor at this exhibition, It brought XII series die-casting and R series die-casting products there to meet new old customers. At the scene, 4K video, colorful and smooth visual shock attract visitors stop their pace to admire and learn about the products.


And in the coming, LightS will fight in Dubai, one year passed by since LightS attend PALME in 2014, this time LightS come again to show new products; After the Dubai PALME, LightS will flight to Bangkok for Asia market expanding and meeting clients.If you want to know more information.Please click on this

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