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LED Display, The Brighter The Better It?

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 06, 2016

Full-color LED display in the major cities being touted widely used in building advertising, subway stations, shopping malls display, and other fields. No doubt prompted by the LED display of so much attention, largely due to the high brightness of the display, but the purchase of higher brightness LED display is really better?

1, it is known, as a new LED lighting technologies, based on light-emitting diode-based, as opposed to traditional light sources with low energy consumption, high brightness of the nature, the LED display is increasingly popular. Many businesses in the LED screen to users about products, often referred to "low-power, high brightness", the brighter it really better?

First, full-color LED display technology is used in self-luminous as the light source, LED lamp beads will inevitably exist after a period of time appear light attenuation problems. To achieve high brightness, we need a larger drive current. However, in the strong current, LED lamp beads stability will be reduced, and decay faster. That is, in fact, simply the pursuit of high-brightness LED screen at the expense of the quality of life and for the price, it is possible to input costs has not been recovered, the display can no longer service, resulting in a tremendous waste of resources.

In addition, the problem of light pollution is now the world's cities have been very serious, many countries and even the introduction of laws and regulations strictly control the outdoor lighting and display brightness. Full-color LED display as many display technologies in a high brightness, almost become dominant outdoor display, but once in the night, the screen is too bright it will become an invisible "contamination" in order to meet national environmental standards, reduce the brightness at the same time, it may cause extreme loss of gray, we can not guarantee a good screen display.

In addition to the above two points, the rising cost factors also need attention. Higher brightness, will inevitably result in increased overall cost of the project, and whether the user really need such a high brightness is questionable, it may cause performance to waste, so the simple pursuit of high brightness, but is extremely harmful.

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