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LED Display Product Upgrades Bring Enormous Business Opportunities

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 11, 2016

Current LED display market is extremely competitive, the product smaller and smaller profits, how to develop out of the current predicament has become the focus of major concern to the LED display manufacturers, other industries with an alternative display device bring business opportunities compared to, LED display product itself upgrading of the formation of market space unlimited potential.


LED display upgrade itself can be divided into two areas:


First, the original LED display products to achieve the formation of an alternative life. LED light failure by the impact, LED display life is generally about five years. In the past five years, China LED display can be said that the most golden years, LED display ad in various application areas, stage, sports stadiums, etc. have been extremely popular. So in the coming years, there will be a lot of its useful life of the LED display need to be replaced, which will undoubtedly bring huge economic benefits to the enterprise.


Secondly, new technologies, new products to replace traditional products formed. Today, the industry there are three trends worth companies concerned.


First, full-color LED display to replace the single-color trend.


In the LED screen market, full-color LED display market has become mainstream products, but the door to the first screen represented by the LED screen market is still dominated by a single color products. But as technology advances and costs decline, the final product as a single color screen door of the first line of defense market, is also about to be compromised full color LED display. In fact, as early as 2011, it began producing enterprises P20 full color screen door head, have appeared more elaborate P16 product later, but because the spacing is too large for the average storefront display is very demanding, plus the cost of higher, to promote them there is a big difficulty. 2013, single-color market share forefront strong giant color begin pushing the main P13.3 full color screen door first, relying on its own strong Distribution channel capacity in the terminal market has made certain achievements. But objectively speaking, the current full color screen door head has not really shake the single-color position in the first screen door market, first, because the price is high, the second is not as good as using a simple single-color, post-factory maintenance cost is relatively large.


Second, the high-density alternative to low-density LED display product trends.


With the progress of the upstream chip and packaging technology, LED display Spacing should be decreased 1 to 2 mm per year. In outdoor LED display, for example, before the industry mainstream products for the P10, now it has come to P8, P6, and even companies have developed a P3 outdoor SMD LED display. In this trend, SMD surface-mount products with the advantages of display performance, product line gradually began to replace outdoor display become the future direction of development. But we also see the face of the challenges paste, process more mature line display and not standing still, use a smaller radius of 246 lamp beads, and now can do the same pitch P6 outdoor LED display. In addition, it is worth mentioning that some companies through the in-line process improvement, the RGB three chip sealed into a lamp-line, developed a triple line of outdoor products. With this package, DIP LED display without changing the production process can be done in the case of smaller density, but also very competitive on price.


Third, the large distance between the LED display by the outdoor lighting market recognized alternative to traditional digital market has great potential.


Indoor LED display in a small pitch rise, while large area for outdoor House of lighting LED photoelectric curtain wall for the industry to bring new growth. It is understood, LED photoelectric curtain wall by a large number of big pitch light bar screen components, mainly used in the entire surface of the wall and the roof of the city center benchmark building project a lot of money down the line. For advertisers operators, large LED display area can lead to higher ad revenue because advertisers tend to serve a larger area of the media.


In summary, LED display industry, the upgrading will bring new growth momentum, LED advertising machine, LED displays have a small pitch will open a new market sector. In addition, the Brazilian World Cup held in the demand for high-end LED display, replacement demand for US highway LED display industry will become favorable, the 2014 LED display is expected to sweep away the haze last year, towards a brighter future.

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