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LCD Display VS LED Display ,who Is The King Of The Screen?

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 27, 2016

LED display called electronic display, LED dot matrix is composed and led pc panels, through red, blue, white, green LED light off to display text, images, animation, video, content display screen. It uses low-voltage scan driver with: low power consumption, long life, low cost, high brightness, less failure, large visual distance and so on. It can change the display text, graphics, images, digital, video; not only for the indoor environment can also be used for outdoor environment, with LCD projectors, video walls incomparable advantages, but also widely used in railway stations, docks, airports, hotels, banks, securities markets, construction market, taxation, shopping malls, hospitals, finance, industry and commerce, telecommunications, sports, advertising, industrial enterprises, transport, education system, auction houses, industrial enterprises and other public places.

LED display The reason why widespread attention and rapid development, is that it itself has the advantage inseparable. It has: high brightness, small size, long life, low voltage, low power consumption, stable performance and impact resistance. LED screen display colorful, three-dimensional sense of strong, static, such as painting, moving like the film, LED is extremely broad prospects for development, the current is moving higher brightness, higher weather resistance, higher luminous density, higher luminous uniformity, reliability, full color direction.

The LCD screen is using LCD display splicing unit splicing way through splicing control software to implement a large-screen display splicing screen body effect. Currently there are 5.3MM common splicing 55 inch Ultra Narrow LCD splicing, 6.7MM 46-inch Ultra Narrow LCD splicing screen, 47-inch LCD stitching, 60-inch and 40-inch LCD Video Wall Narrow LCD splicing system.

Compared with LCD TV and PC screen, LCD splicing screen has a higher brightness. TV or PC LCD screen brightness to only 250 ~ 300cd / m2, and the brightness DID LCD can reach 700cd / m2 or more. LCD each point in the received signal has maintained that the color and brightness, while CRT did not need to constantly refresh the pixels. Therefore, LCD brightness, high quality and absolutely no flicker, a closer look, the picture is more delicate.

Then the LED display and LCD splicing screen compared to who is the real king of the screen, specifically from the following aspects of our analysis will be clear.

Life LED life longer than the life of LCD.

LED refresh rate refresh rate is higher than the LCD, fast response.

LED energy consumption in terms of energy consumption is much lower than the LCD, and therefore the use of LED better environmental protection.

Compared to LCD brightness LED color relatively pure, there is a wider color gamut, brightness is relatively high, it can increase the viewing angle of the display.

Viewing distance: LCD for a closer look, but the current LED dot pitch has been done 2mm, a closer look is not a problem.

Backlight LED screen using LED lights, light emitting diodes, LCD splicing screen using a cold cathode ray tube, LCD cheaper price.

So keep both the choice, to see the scope and requirements of a particular use. LCD LCD screen brightness is relatively low within ten meters for indoor use or monitoring center to watch video conferencing, mostly, LED is there are numerous light-emitting diodes, dot pitch, suitable for outdoor viewing or distant places, indoor screen brightness up to 1000 -2000 models of different brightness are not the same, the best viewing distance can reach 6-80 meters for the site is large environments. However, due to the dot pitch LED display has been done 2mm, the current LED electronic display monitor has to enter the field, and future applications will also continue to expand the display.

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