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How To Waterproof The Outdoor LED Screen?

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 09, 2016

Recently some more rain is likely to cause  outdoor LED screen body of water. LED display for the case of water, through the Cape we explain the proper disposal of these situations:

1, with the fastest speed with the fan or other tools, the water of the LED display screen body completely dry.


2, will be completely dry after the body of  outdoor LED screen is powered aging, concrete steps are as follows:

a, the luminance (all white) was adjusted to 10%, power aging 8-12 hours.

 b, the brightness (white) adjusted to 30%, power aging 12 hours.

c, the brightness (white) adjusted to 60%, power aging 12-24 hours.

d, brightness (all white) was adjusted to 80%, power aging 12-24 hours.

e, the brightness (all white) was adjusted to 100%, power aging 8-12 hours.


 Completion of the above steps,  outdoor LED screen basically returned to normal, but in the process also need to note the following:

1, was found in the LED display screen body water, should make their emergency treatment, do not delay.

2, the organizers of the water of the LED display screen body is drying process.

3, do not have water in the LED display screen body into a closed space, it is easy to LED lights stuffy broken.

4, water is not timely processing of  outdoor LED screen more or less likely to affect the stability of the matrix screen, in the course of emergency treatment, may occur after the screen constantly energized dead light phenomenon.

5 in a confined space, the LED display screen body of water. More than 72 hours, the screen is substantially free repair value.

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