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How To Solve The Problem Of Led Display?

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 04, 2015

The LightS LED Curtain screen HD is a lightweight and flexible LED video screen ideal for high resolution video playback and video effects for indoor and outdoor applications. Its hi-res LED video can be driven by any DVI output, and the multi-directional, flexible design of the LightS LED  Curtain screen HD LED display makes it easy to store and transport. LightS Curtain HD is 60-90% lighter than the competition, and using the quick-lock system, 500 square feet of LightS LED Curtain screen HD can be setup and broken-down in under 15 minutes.


Regardless of who wins the Parnelli Award, we are honored to once again be nominated,” concluded Venus. “As a relatively new company in the LED video screen market, we are thrilled that our products continue to make an impact in the live event industry. The LightS LED Curtain screen HD has received numerous accolades from our clients worldwide, and the Parnelli Award nomination is an exciting verification that the industry is taking notice as well.”

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