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How To Moistureproof For LED Display In Summer ?

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 04, 2016

Southern summer rain, humid weather. Small drops hanging on the wall, feel touch air is wet, the LED display, in this particular season, have some knowledge of moisture is necessary. Pu Tong Technology Weapon for you, allowing you to monitor moisture work to do.

For wet weather damage electronic products is very large, damp will affect the normal operation of the circuit board, causing a short circuit, damage display function and service life.


First, indoor LED display moisture

In the indoor air humidity is lower than the outdoor and waterproof, dustproof aspects much easier than the outdoor screen. To avoid indoor air humidity caused by the LED display is not normal, you can use the following methods to reduce humidity.

1, moderate ventilation. Adequate ventilation can help monitor attached to the rapid evaporation of moisture, reduce the relative humidity of the indoor environment. However, to avoid some of the air is humid and windless weather ventilation, this will increase the indoor humidity.

2, a desiccant placed in the room. Physical absorbent solutions to reduce the moisture in the air, indoor dry, so do not worry about the display will damp.

3, open-air conditioning dehumidifier. If the display is installed in the installation space of the air conditioning, you can wet weather open-air conditioning dehumidifier.


Second, outdoor LED display moisture

Outdoor LED display itself on the environment than the indoor complex, of course, moisture can also take measures moisture indoor screen, external screen room but only to consider the problem of moisture, but also good waterproof, dustproof and other routine maintenance work. Good seal installation can help reduce the risk of the water of the display, an external display attached to regularly clean up dust, can also help screen for better heat dissipation, reducing steam attachment.

In short, whether it is indoors or outdoors, avoid moisture damage to the most effective method is to display frequently used functions, work status display itself will generate some heat, some of the water vapor can evaporate, thus greatly reducing the moisture caused the possibility of a short circuit. Therefore, regular use of display screen is relatively unusual humidity is much smaller.

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