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How To Make The Best Color For LED Display?

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 28, 2015

In the CIE1931 chromaticity diagram, according to the laws of gravity center, we found: in G file size to a little green muddied must proportion of red and blue, and can adjust the color coordinates of the muddy color to cR and straight line dB interlacing point O. We found that even the first brand of international unified file LED also exist the eve of the wave is shortcoming place and saturation, and the shortcomings of scale of eve university across the human eye to green identification threshold based on color, full-color LED display test equipment average sex school just have serious significance. LED display chroma average sex problem has been plaguing the industry to the eve of the hard, as usual don't think the brightness of the leds can take an average single point correction, to improve the average brightness. And colour is not the average cannot be calibrated, only through the process of subdividing LED color coordinates and selection to improve.


of course you can make the LED display chroma average sex, offers an annual improvement. However, through correction, color saturation after the fall. At the same time, to accept the red and blue to green color correction is the condition for the existence of another average uniform pixel out all three kinds of red, green and blue leds in the general accepted rendezvous diffuse yan made of red, green and blue color mixture of compendium of close, talent to obtain good effect. And now the industry who accepted is LED average diffuse yan style will bring chroma average sex correction clutter. Other, red, green and blue leds in the halls of color coordinates measuring things how open is a very tough hard. Follow people is higher and higher requirement for LED screen head, only to the LED display color coordinates are subdivided and filter have been unable to content people centuries carved eyes, comprehensive correction of surface screen disposal, chroma average sex get improvement is achievable.


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