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How To Install Outdoor Big Led Screen?

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 26, 2016

Outdoor LED billboard LED display typical outdoor applications, because of its easy maintenance, energy saving, stable and reliable and applicable in many fields. Basically, the common LED display has many forms, but no matter what kind, good color performance is a beautiful landscape of the bustling city.

To make good use of outdoor billboards, installation and commissioning aspects are essential for construction workers in technical terms, understand outdoor construction, maintenance advertising screen tips will effectively promote business ads, information dissemination conducted the so-called quicken work. Specifically, outdoor billboards LED electronic display mounted in the field survey, equipment construction, installation, commissioning and use four links.

First of all, we need to conduct field survey of the actual situation. Specifically, is the former outdoor LED display installation, should specific environment, topography, emitting radiation range, brightness and other parameters ability to accept new uniform test fluid, in order to ensure smooth installation of billboards, requiring lifting before installation, must address unified command staff lifting program implementation, to ensure normal and stable use of the device. Different treatment to different situations, in order to adopt a more appropriate way.

Secondly, according to the results of the field survey to determine the specific programs, we will be carried out LED device structures. For when some outdoor LED billboard structures, must treat the wall advertising screen, advertising screen and roof pendant advertising screen. When the actual installation should be based on the distance height, with a crane and hoist lifting segment, while ensuring that the above persons cooperate with each other for the LED advertising screen high-altitude operations, there is a better installation process. Build process, safety and refinement operation is the first requirement.

Again, set up is complete, in order to achieve the best dissemination of results, we have to be emitting radiation range debugging. Due to the different radiation range, LED display set up different perspective of it, and we want to carry out the usual outdoor LED display viewing angle range fixed installation work in accordance with the ability to accept the field, to ensure that every angle from afar, you can see the normal brightness balanced image, caption information, a large viewing angle and brightness suitable fit, to make maximum benefits.

Finally, in order to smoothly delivered, we need to follow-up inspection and maintenance. Follow-up testing, including numerous range, such as LED display waterproof, thermal layer, LED show waterproof coating, the screen above the storm scope, both sides of the cooling air, the power supply lines, etc., these basic components products constitute the entire stable good graphic LED display. Of course, post-technical maintenance is also very important, and we want to address these parts unified management and maintenance, encountered rust, instability, when damaged, the need for timely replacement to ensure safe use of the entire display.

Memorize screen installation essentials, you can more quickly secure the use of the product, not only conducive to the LED display manufacturers in the marketplace and establish a good brand image and win customer trust, but also help customer profitability stability and continuity for the city life add more color.

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