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How To Ensure The Structural Safety Of LED Rental Display?

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 27, 2016

With led rental display market is gradually digging open, a lot of money in return attract the influx of a large number of companies in this area, between the moment led screen rental companies everywhere, "adequate" situation makes competition becomes heated up, with lenders as competition means companies began to force, when the competition has entered the competition stage box structure and lenders guts.

With a variety of small and large concert performances increasing, led rental screen on the stage, events and other places have been widely used. Since the lease screen cabinet light, thin, easily deformed, quick installation and so on. However, using the occasion to build rental screen still often exposed to some of the security risks and problems. But part of the reason there is background screen stage rental structures steel structure is not stable.

To avoid such things from happening, these two aspects of the consumer should be to pick the right rental display, first select the rental housing lightweight and easy to install screen, the second is to ensure stable steel structure should be selected in line with the project construction regular safety norms build team to ensure that the steel structure is reasonable.

First, from the box material terms, such as the application of carbon fiber, magnesium alloy, a unique nano-polymer materials, new materials can significantly reduce the weight of the cabinet led rental screen and thickness. Case is not only beneficial to thin product installation, maintenance, and support for the building and trusses also reduce the weight, and more secure.

In the above-described materials, the carbon fiber is currently the more mature kind of cabinet material. In the led display industry, the carbon fiber was first proposed by the creative stage show giant Barco first application, after years of development has been very mature application in the housing material. It is understood that the carbon fiber casing with high-strength, ultra-light, ultra-thin character, single box weighs only 3.5KG, not only to get rid of the shackles of the installation environment, without the use of rigging and trusses, more importantly, greatly reduce the weight of the box the rental led display and disassembly process of security risks.

Second is to build a steel structure to ensure reasonable, should choose the regular construction team, to avoid high winds and other external factors affect the steel structure. In order to ensure the safety of stowage and lifting, led screen rental must strictly comply with the maximum stowage and lifting layers have clear limits, while choosing the right installation and the excellent quality of the construction materials, the greatest degree of safety to avoid accidents occur.

led screen rental market increasingly popular, combined with many large led manufacturers to compete in this market, competition among lessors becoming "white hot." With the continuous development led screen rental market to grow, the demand for rental display indoor led increasingly strong, small indoor pitch led rental screen to win more and more attention, led screen rental market is more mature.

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