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How To Deal The Heat Problem Of Led Screen With Good Way?

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 31, 2016

To solve the LED display in the course of the heat problem, you should do the following aspects:


1, cooling fan, the lamp envelope to strengthen the internal cooling fan with long life and efficient, this method is low cost, good effect. However, changing the fan is in trouble and is not suitable for the outdoors, this design is more rare.


2, surface radiation heat treatment, light shell surface radiation heat treatment done, the simplest is to apply heat radiation paint, radiant heat mode can be removed from the surface of the lamp envelope.


3, aluminum heat sink, which is the most common heat sinks, aluminum fins as part of the housing to increase the cooling area.


4, air fluid dynamics, the use of the lamp envelope shape, create a convection air, which is the lowest cost way to enhance heat dissipation.


5, thermal plastic case, filled with a thermally conductive material when the plastic injection molding, plastic housing increases thermal conductivity, heat capacity.


6, liquid bulb, the use of liquid bulb packaging technology, the high thermal conductivity of the transparent liquid filled in the lamp bulb. This is in addition to reflective principle, the only use of the LED chip surface thermal conductivity, thermal technology.


7, thermal pipe cooling using a heat exchanger tube technology, the heat generated by the LED full color display chip lead into the housing fins. In large lighting, such as street lamps is a common design.


8, thermal heat integration - the use of high thermal conductivity ceramic lamp housing cooling purpose is to reduce the full-color LED display chip operating temperatures due to LED chip expansion coefficient and we often metal thermal conductivity, thermal expansion coefficient of the material differ greatly It can not be soldered directly to the LED chip, in order to avoid high and low temperature thermal stress damage chip LED full-color display. The latest high thermal conductivity ceramic materials, aluminum thermal conductivity approaching, expansion coefficient adjusted to synchronize with the full color LED display chip. This allows you to thermal conductivity, thermal integration, reduce heat conduction middle course.

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