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How To Choose Led Lamp?

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 21, 2016


The living room is usually important in our activities, usually lighting is the longest time, the need to create a comfortable and harmonious environment. In the past, many people are home decoration choose to use downlights and general energy-saving lamps and incandescent lighting source. These two sources that is not energy nor environmentally friendly. LED lights are by far the most energy-efficient lamps, with LED lamp technology matures, the use of LED lights home more and more, so we buy what few points to consider it?



Different patterns of family living room height is different, generally higher as the duplex, and residential real estate height restrictions, so we must first determine that the clear height ceiling after the house, and then select a different living room lights.


Market, many home-based lights to yellow and white. Because LED lamps and traditional home lighting, like, you can use warm white yellow and white. Yellow warm white color temperature is generally 3000 ~ 3400K, while white is generally 6000 ~ 6500K. We can use a variety of colors, use in home decoration way between plum, white and yellow interval use, divided into two groups at the beginning of the installation. If you install a single white light (also called white cool white), the winter, the beginning of the white lights have always secretly feeling, so it is best interspersed with warm white and so on.


There may be many people in the decoration will choose milk white lamp surface, milk white downlights surface is made by EFI. Nice. Selected drawing surface based, and try to use the material aluminum, plastic, do not choose. If the home is simply decorated with soft colors and now home to the popular dark brown main square is a good choice. If the home is modern, minimalist decor, the circular is your good choice.

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