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How To Choose A Good Stage Rental LED Display?

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 29, 2016

With the LED display market is further broken down, stage rental LED display is widely used in large-scale performances, art show, star concert, the event, we can see a variety of stage rental LED display . Here Shenzhen LightS Tec.n technician to analyze the stage LED display which features and how to choose a suitable stage screen.

Stage LED display by the main stage screen, Vice-screen, and expand the screen composition. The main screen is the role of live and replay, select the general definition of a rectangular LED display, dot pitch generally within P6, the larger the area the better, so that the scene on the stage can be smoothly displayed in front of a live audience. Both sides of the main screen will configure several blocks deputy screen, Vice-screen can be selected form a special exhibition Shenzhen LightS Tec.creative LED display, like S-shaped curved screen, LED flexible screen, LED screen, and other cylindrical shaped screen. If the budget is limited, the side panel can also choose a lower cost Curtain. Stage video screen typically used to expand the large stage, concert, etc., take care of the audience back, so that all the audience can clearly see everything on the stage.

LED stage display screen in addition to body choice is important, we also need to choose a suitable control system. Under normal circumstances, LED stage screen area, pixels high, points to send the cassette demanding, and sometimes need more than one control card splicing cascade control. To display the better, we often need to use a video processor, so you can cut and splice the video, multi-window, PIP, scalable, video effects and more delicate and smooth.

Due to the special nature of stage rental LED screen, generally use standardized box structure, easy to assemble, light weight, easy to transport. The industry's leading exhibition comes Shenzhen LightS Tec.LED rental display, using a die-cast aluminum case design, light, thin, quick installation of its most important features. Cabinet light, quick installation, removal and transportation, adapted to large-scale fixed installation and rental application site. Shenzhen LightS Tec. leasing professional stage screen design, mature technology, vivid colors, strong adaptability and high reliability. Finally, the need for operating personnel for professional training can be done on the display for basic maintenance, such as the common fault analysis and processing, familiar with the control system and video processing, as well as corresponding detecting equipment to adjust, so that it can protect the LED stage display stable and safe operation.

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