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How To Break The Impasse Business OF Outdoor LED Advertising Screen?

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 20, 2016

In recent years, many large-screen outdoor led operations have plunged into a loss predicament, fundamental research, not difficult to find the major screen operating at a loss for two reasons: one is the government's strong support and market fueled major cities the number of large-screen outdoor led surge brought about by market impact, whether local or national scale business operators must face a secondary investment difficult predicament. Led advertising screen in terms of traditional, even if a customer does not have to be all-weather play advertising investment. Moreover, the longer the period of secondary investment gap, the greater the loss of profits, which is most of the big-screen operator can not escape the question; the other is outdoor advertising delivery business model is not very reasonable, led outdoor advertising standardization, can not really do to a virtuous circle.

That being the case, then led outdoor advertising display should be how to break the existing business dilemma it?

First, led outdoor advertising precise delivery is a major factor affecting the cost of outdoor advertising delivery. "Accurate delivery" Although long been proposed in the industry, but the real market applications is still in its infancy. In recent years, China's urban planning has a characteristic, zoning clearer, more explicit attribute. We have to understand that such an understanding, the more refined city's function zoning, led outdoor advertising precise delivery more valuable, so that people quickly navigate to relevant information of interest to no purpose than to sell advertising to the direct and effective. Big data collection and should be transported, continuously updated digital media technology for precision of delivery provides greater support.

Secondly, led outdoor display industry existing technologies and innovative outdoor advertising business model combined. Mei Avenue, Beijing Qing and landscape design agency co-founder Wong advises: "must not only focus on technology, but only manufacturer to do spacing how small, should release some of the thinking, to be able to combine with other areas where want out, for example, I led into the lead through the design of the entire building, or a cyclic environment become bright or landscapes of the entire environment. "

Before, we always made the screen in the landmark building, the landmark media more accurately should be called landmark media as the best outdoor resources are many advertisers favor, has become in many regions, cities and even an important way to the national image publicity and information dissemination of one. It can be said is the first landmark after the media, in accordance with the scope of radiation can be divided into regional landmarks, city landmarks and national landmark. Then we should think about how the future will become a city landmark screen. Wong, for example, said: "For example, at the time of The Place in Beijing made a canopy, the canopy in this sensational time, WTO-day class is not known, because the design actually attract a lot of people in the past to feel the first marquee to follow, Later, there are many cities in the country will also imitate the practice. "This can be explained, using existing technology and materials to design and play its advantages, will be led advertising screen a great concern.

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