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Full Color Led Display Screen Of Shenzhen LightS Technology Co.,Ltd.

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 19, 2014

Attended Serigrafia 2012, LightS met a lot of customers. Almost all customers wanted to buy the LED screens of LightS, and LightS's exhibition products ph6.44 floor tile screen LED displays and PH16 outdoor LED Displays were sold quickly, all products were sold before the ending of Serigrafia.  The customers wanted more outdoor LED displays, but we hadn’t , so some customers gave order in the tradeshow, they could get other good quality LED screens soon. Brazilians were kind and passionate, just like football and Samba Dance. LightS’s team are back to China, and they would go to Sao Paulo to attend Expomusic 2012 at September.

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