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Four Way Of LED Display For Fire Prevention

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 28, 2016

LED display "fire door" frequently from the following four aspects to carry out effective prevention.

First, the good material

Outdoor summer heat continues baked LED display, combined with its continuous work itself will generate a lot of heat, when heat and fire performance LED display is particularly important. Fire raw materials mainly include LED display uses an internal wire, the power supply, external protective structure material and plastic packages of these four areas:

First, in most display applications, the unit area LED display shows the greater the consumption the greater stability of the wire is energized with a higher demand. Numerous wire products, the use of national standards in line with the requirements of the wire to be able to guarantee its safety and stability, which requires three things: a conductive copper core of the carrier, the cross-sectional area of the core values of tolerance in the standard range, wrapped wire core rubber insulation and flame resistance up to standard, compared with the average copper clad wire core, core cross-sectional area is too small, not enough insulation rubber grade wire, power performance is more stable, less prone to short circuit;

Second, in terms of the material of the outer protective structure outdoor LED display on the market higher fire rating of display products are mostly fire-resistant aluminum panels, excellent fire resistance, fire retardant is also very strong, core Compound aging properties is also very strong, the melting temperature of 135 ℃, decomposition temperature ≥300 ℃, environmental performance, halogen, in line with SGS, flame retardant B-S1, d0, t0, with reference to the use of standard UL94, GB / 8624-2006 . Aluminum plate general outdoor display products with high temperature, thermal shock and rain aging faster, make it more humid climate season segment, rain is easy to penetrate the interior of the screen resulting in a fire caused by a short circuit electronic components;

Third, LED display fireproof materials also an important part of that is plastic packages, plastic packages mainly used unit modules mask pan material, mainly used materials are flame-retardant PC + glass fiber material functions, not only has the resistance burning capabilities, better at low temperatures and under high long-term use, no distortion, does not become brittle cracking, combined with better sealing glue to use, can effectively block the rainwater penetration into the interior of the external environment causing a short circuit fire .

Fourth, the UL certified power products is the best choice to select similar product, the effective conversion rate can ensure the power load security and stability in the external environment temperature hot conditions, but also work;

Second, solve the heat problem

Solve the heat problem LED display, not only can prevent fires, as well as energy saving effect. In conventional LED display, for example, should be combined with the actual situation, the rational allocation of work in its exhaust fans and air conditioners, timely discharge heat generated inside the body of the screen to achieve the purpose of cooling. Extremely high temperatures encountered in the case of the temporary closure LED display is also regarded as a viable strategy. Of course, the choice of hollow design of the LED display, but also can greatly improve the heat dissipation.

Third, the installation specifications, regular inspection and maintenance

LED display must be installed by professionals, supervision, inspection, start from prevention, "precautionary measures unburned." Install LED display on the screen body surrounding flammable, combustible cleanup, to prevent a fire hazard due to the surrounding fire cause screen body; after-sales maintenance, by professionals on a regular basis on the LED display for testing, inspection, and remove Security risks.

Fourth, to strengthen the protection class test

When the LED display enterprises in the housing protection rating test, should not stop at the external environment, a simple spray water test, it should be further research persistence and strength waterproof effect. Such LED display does not work even if the long-term occurrence of seepage, extend the service life, while also avoiding the fires to some extent. In response to a thunderstorm, outdoor screen body must be equipped with surge arresters.

Do the above four points, can effectively prevent fire LED display, LED display of security and stability for the use of escort.

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