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Four Barriers Of Indoor And Outdoor Hd LED Display

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 14, 2016


1, R & D and technical barriers

LED display and lighting industries as high-tech industries, involving optical, thermal, materials science, electronics, computers, software, automation, mechanical engineering, decorative arts and other subjects, and the need to use the above disciplinary system, with higher technical barriers. Meanwhile, the LED products use more customized, personalized production, and thus the production process, quality control standards and technical requirements such as high stability. Production of any link problems may affect the quality of life and performance.

2, financial barriers

LED lighting and display industry is a capital-intensive industry, high degree of automation of small businesses can not ensure product quality and production capacity, and thus only pure price competition in the low-end market. In the current market environment, to participate in the tender to undertake large-scale projects need to invest in advanced equipment, improve productivity and skill levels. In addition, the industry in general mode of production plus installation for the production, engineering, installation links lead to a long period of capital returns, low asset turnover efficiency, size of funds demanding.

3, brand and market barriers

Enter the LED display and lighting industries need to face a series of obstacles to market and brand terms. First, LED displays and other major projects of high qualified manufacturers and scale strength requirements, has brand recognition and large-scale projects with success stories of companies, easier access to orders. No success stories and brand awareness of the general business of large-scale projects, difficult to participate in the mainstream market competition. Brand enterprises with strong technology, advanced equipment, extensive project experience, improve the service system and a good reputation, a typical project like screen persuasive, and ultimately win customers.

4, talent and experience barriers

LED display and lighting industries related to the integrated use of multi-door technical disciplines, its manufacturing technology combines semiconductor optoelectronic technology, electronic circuit technology, integrated circuit technology, image processing information technology, information transmission technology, computer network technology, electronic products manufacturing technology , multi-disciplinary installation engineering, optical, chemical, mechanical and electrical, materials and other technical achievements, manufacturing process complex, sophisticated, and includes a series of process control technology, therefore, need to have a number of master optics, semiconductors, electronics, materials, chemical engineering, automatic control and other areas of expertise and experienced personnel.

LED products used in many industries, in many fields, but also the individual needs of each application areas have a deep understanding, in order to form a mature industry application solutions system.

In addition, with industry management and marketing experience is also essential personnel, technology and management team, the marketing team must go through a long-term cultivation, accumulation, integration to form an organic system, so the talent and experience constitute the rear LED display and lighting industry into important barriers to persons.

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