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Evolution Of Hd LED Display

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 23, 2016

 Historical LED technology has emerged for a long time, in recent years developed very rapidly. Especially in recent years, it has experienced a long-term development and improved LED technology seems to have reached the historical development of a peak, whether it is applied to the liquid crystal display backlighting, indoor and outdoor lighting, indoor and outdoor hd LED display, LED distance human life and eyeballs are getting closer, and people know the maturity of the LED is also increasing.

LED applications is very broad, covering lighting, display backlighting and in which its display applications for over forty years. LED display is a flat panel display consists of a small LED module panels through red, blue, green LED LED light off to display text, images, animation and video.

 In the resolution, the LED display, every self-luminous packaged devices - also known as light emitting tube beads, a pixel is the distance, between two lamp beads determine the LED display in the unit area resolution. In the past microelectronic assembly techniques overall level is relatively backward situation, LED screen resolution is low, the once-mm dot pitch of dozens of appearances, and the state of such low resolution for some time. Not only full-color LED display inroads into the market, the gray scale is also rising, but with the advent of video control technology, greatly improved dynamic display screen.

Before a large pixel pitch LED display is limited, a closer look grainy strong technical bottleneck, LED display has been used as a digital information display advertising business promotion or shine in the outdoors, stop at the indoor high-end mainstream applications. In order to broaden the market and build a diversified development of the LED display, has been, LED display makers are lifting color LED display, pixels, LED display on the elimination of grainy and efforts continued to improve the road, and achieved remarkable results in recent years for all to see, that is the emergence of a small boost overall pitch LED display hd LED display industry usher gushing development.

Independent light technology, high-definition bright color display, high refresh rate, seamless, good cooling system, easy accessibility and flexible, low power consumption, long service life, even in relatively close watch over its display screen clear, flicker-free and no graininess. We can say that the emergence of a small pitch LED LED for the development of the whole industry get through the meridians separate ways to achieve the hd LED display industry from top to bottom, from outdoor to indoor complete application and market share.

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