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Do You Know Folding Led Screen In Led Industry?

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 06, 2016

Do you know folding led screen in led industry?

Folding screen: one freely folded flexible LED screen by a small LED module panels. Which includes a plurality of sub-panel LED, LED sub-panel disposed within the housing PCB board, provided on the PCB board LED and electrical wires connecting the PCB board. It can be connected via the connecting mechanism relatively free rotation between adjacent sub-panel LED. Connecting mechanism includes a rotating rod, rotating lever provided at both ends of the shaft; sub-panel of the LED housing comprises a front housing and a rear housing, the front edge and the rear housing shell symmetrically with grooves, the rotation shaft mounted to each end of the lever relative to two adjacent sub-panel LED housing a recess, while the front and rear housing shell is also provided with a groove connecting shaft closure, and the shaft is provided with a corresponding closure shaft constituting a rotation shaft groove connection. The sub-panel LED connector makes up a large screen can be vertical or horizontal fold. After folding screens are small, light weight and easy transportation, storage. LED sub-screen can be relatively free rotation and folding, it is easy to achieve curved, spherical, cylindrical and other special-shaped screen, easy to use.

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