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Detection Of Power-performance Of Display

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 14, 2016

First, the full-color LED screen optoelectronic functional parameter analysis:

Photoelectric color parameter contains the primary functions: lighting total power, power factor, the light intensity distribution, luminaire total output flux, light output efficiency, lumen maintenance / luminous flux retention rate, associated color temperature, color rendering index, color tolerance, color coordinates, color space products unevenness and the like.

Second, LED full color display Optical function parameters:

1, the electrical properties comprising: a lamp power, power factor.

2, features include heat resistance and thermal junction temperature.

3, the primary color characteristics comprising: correlation color temperature, color contrast index, chromaticity coordinates, color forgiveness, dominant wavelength (color), uneven color uniformity and color space to spread.

4, the day of the primary characteristics including a switching frequency test, day / accelerate life expectancy experiment, cavity repair rate (lumen retention) / strength repair rate.

Third, the full-color LED screen function photoelectric detection methods:

1, reflective cup MR16 or PAR beam viewpoint, the light intensity can be spread through a small bedroom photometric measurement device to measure. When testing, mechanical axis, the axial line. Defect test is abnormal posture job situation, demand revised test results.

2, LED lamp lumen can also be used to measure the spread photometric measurement device, when the intermediate scale test gamma to180 degrees, as well as the mechanical axis coincides intermediate lights. Defects of the examination time is too long.

After the selection of appropriate detection methods to accurately measure the complete full-color LED screen color photoelectric function parameters for scientific assessment of the status LED full color display with nature and conduct trend data supplied support.

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