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Correct Operation Of Led Display

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 03, 2016

First, the switch LED electronic display Note:

1, switching sequence:

When the opening screen: first boot, the opening screen

When off-screen: first off screen, after shutdown

2, the switch screen interval time is greater than five minutes.

3, the computer control software into the project before the opening screen is energized.

4, avoid all white screen state opening screen, the system at this time because of the impact of current maximum.

5, to avoid out of control in the opening screen, the system at this time because of the impact of the current maximum.

A computer does not enter the control software program;

B computer is not powered;

C control part is not powered.

6, the ambient temperature is too high or heat is not good conditions, led lighting should be careful not to open the screen for a long time.

7, electronic display body part appears very bright line, should pay attention to timely off-screen, in this state for too long opening screen.

8, often display the power switch trip, should be checked in the screen body or replace the power switch.

9, regular inspection firmly attached at the situation. If loosening, pay attention to timely adjust, re-strengthening or updating hanging pieces.

10. The large-screen display screen body, the control section in which the environmental conditions to avoid insect bites, when necessary, place the anti-rat poison.


Second, the control section changes, changes in Notes

1, a computer, a control portion power line zero, the fire can not reverse, should be strictly according to the original location of the connector. If peripherals, After connecting, you should test whether the cabinet charged.

2, a mobile computer and other control equipment, should first check before power connection cable, control panel without loosening.

3, can not tamper with the communication line, the location of the flat connection line length.

4, after the short circuit is found moving, trip, burning lines, smoke and other anomalies appear, the test should be repeated energized, it is timely to find the problem.


Third, the software operation Caution

1 software backup: WIN2003, WINXP, applications, software installation program, database, etc., we recommend using the "one key to restore" software, easy to operate.

2, master installation methods, raw data recovery, backup.

3 master control parameter settings, modify the underlying data preset

4, skilled use of the program, operation and editing.

5, regular inspection, remove extraneous data

6, non-full-time staff, do not operate software system.

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