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China Led Industry

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 30, 2015

Development Features

1-Display technology continues to progress, and quality better and better

2-The industry has formed a complete industrial chain;

3-Intense internal competition and unfavorable external environment;

4-exports are growing year by year;

5-LED display standards and intellectual property rights;

6-The majority of LED display manufacturers are located in the Pearl River Delta; Second, Made-in-China quality has been recognized and received by gloval market. Right nowChinahas become the largest manufacturing base for LED display in the world.



After two decades development, the quality of China LED display has been well recognized by all over the world. And with the continuous growth and strong ofChinalocal LED display brands,Chinahas become global manufacturing base of LED displays. In 2010, the number of LED display factories whose annual revenue over RMB100 million is more than 40. According to market analysis and statistics: in 2012,China's LED display growth rate is 43%, and 2013 will continue to grow,. It is expected to the end of the "12th Five-Year Plan", the output value would reach RMB500 billion.




During "Eleventh Five-Year" period,Chinagovernment increased the supportive efforts for LED display industry. With the supporting of governmental policies, LED manufactures has been blooming all over the country. Although, there are many adverse factors for the development of China LED display industry such recession of global economy, increasing pressure for RMB appreciation, the growth prospects of China LED display industry remain favorable. However, we still have to enhance the following works.


1- To increase technological innovation

2- To improve the new industry standards and assessment of quality on the scientific basis.

3- To reinforce cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprise

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