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Characteristics And Application Of LED Transparent Display

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 25, 2016

With the first-tier cities outdoor LED advertising display market development has gradually become saturated, how to video advertising and media market has become the focus of the subsequent development of many LED display manufacturers closely watched. Transparent LED display into a new area of concern, the US market research firm Displaybank published in 2012 "Transparent Display Technology and Market Outlook" report had boldly predicted that by 2025 the transparent display market value of about $ 87.2 billion. Appear transparent LED transparent screen, allowing LED display applications to expand the territory of architectural glass curtain wall and retail showcase these two markets, it has become a new trend of new media development.

A transparent LED display applications:

As long as there are glass walls where you can apply. Such as banks, shopping malls, theaters, shopping streets, stores, hotels, municipal public buildings, landmark buildings. Can be used in home decoration, bar decoration, decorations, and other malls, such as a turn on the switch will be illuminated glass tables, partitions, or the mall doors and windows, even in the larger tank can also be installed.

1. Building walls

According to statistics, the total area of the glass curtain wall of modern China has more than 70 million square meters, mainly in urban areas, such a huge amount of glass curtain wall there is a huge potential market for outdoor media advertising, this advertising value of the market has not yet is fully developed in urban outdoor advertising resources are depleted situation, the glass curtain wall is a new field of blue ocean. A wide range in this area, such as glass curtain wall buildings, shopping malls, sightseeing elevator, 4S shops and a variety of glass windows and other occasions.

2. Shop windows

Street retail window display of goods is an important means of propaganda, to show retail business categories, focusing on selling goods to attract consumers to buy significant. So that a change in the static display windows, flexible up; let shops in the whole can be more vivid, and consumer groups to produce information and interact with the deeper is the future development trend of advertising window design.

LED transparent screen appears not only incorporates all the advantages of conventional outdoor high-definition LED display, and maximize the elimination of the shop window and load-bearing beauty, the perfect solution to the retail industry showcase of video display problems. Currently used for retail showcase the LED transparent screen, only light, thin, easy to install, but also to achieve the minimum pixel pitch of 5mm and high permeability of 80% or more. Its use needs to overcome the ordinary paper poster posting replacement trouble, nor ordinary LED screen and LCD screen cumbersome, not transparent, unsightly weakness. Compared to the use of the building walls, windows LED transparent screen may be a greater market demand.

I believe that with mature and perfect technology, rich products to enhance market acceptance, LED transparent screen to break the pace of expansion of the soil will gradually accelerate, but also there will be more and more applications are discovered. Technology has changed life, future life will be more exciting because LED transparent screen.

Three, LED transparent screen principle

LED light strip transparent screen is a screen for micro innovation, SMD manufacturing technology, lamp beads package, control systems have been targeted improvements, coupled with the hollow structure designed to reduce the structural parts of the line of sight of the barrier, maximize the perspective effect. It also has a new and unique display, the audience stood in the ideal viewing distance, the picture is like suspended above the glass curtain wall.

In addition, the design of LED screen advertising content transparent screen, you can remove unnecessary background and replaced with black, only the expression of the desired content is displayed when playing the black part does not emit light, the effect is the same as shown in transparency, this playback method can greatly reduce light pollution, but also can reduce the energy consumption can be achieved than ordinary LED display more than 30% energy saving.

LED transparent screen through technological breakthroughs, not only to ensure the lighting requirements and the angle range between floors, glass facades, windows and other light structure, also has good heat dissipation, anti-aging properties, and ease of installation and maintenance, completely changed the traditional LED display on the glass application limitations.

Second, LED transparent display features:

(1) a high perspective rate, ensure the lighting requirements and the angle range between floors, glass facades, windows, lighting and other structures to ensure that the glass walls of the original function of lighting perspective.

(2) does not occupy space, board thickness of only 10mm, the display screen body weighs only 12Kg / m, without changing the building structure, pasted directly on the glass walls.

(3) No steel structure, save a lot of installation and maintenance costs, easy installation and maintenance easy.

(4) The unique display, make advertising picture gives the feeling of suspension on the glass curtain wall, with good advertising effectiveness and artistic effect.

Currently, part of the LED display enterprises have already begun research and development and sales of transparent screen.we are the main producer of this product.

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