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Application Of LED Light The Greenhouse

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 01, 2015

At present, the greenhouse artificial fill light is considering three main elements: first, the requirements for illumination. According to the light compensation point of main crops, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, the light compensation point 3000Lx, the 2000Lx and 1500Lx, respectively, the light saturation point for 70000Lx, 55000Lx and 30000Lx, therefore, General requirements for greenhouse light intensity in the crop canopy up to 1000Lx~3000Lx. Second, optical quality requirements. Crop photosynthesis using mainly 400nm~500nm of blue-violet light, red-orange light and a small amount of 700nm~800nm of 600nm~700nm of far infrared light, fill light is generally based on the crop in greenhouse of different, the R/B (red/blue) and R/FR (red/far red) has specific requirements. Third, photoperiod requirement. Natural phenomenon formed light alternately and the cycle of day and night cycles, and crops in the long evolutionary process adapted to the shading.

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