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A Simple Calculation Method Of LED Display Screen Size

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 01, 2015

LED indoor display, φ 3.75 (module Board specifications are: 304mm*152mm, specifications for 64*32) this model, for example.

To make a (long) 4m* (h) 3M LED display are calculated as follows:

4m/0.304m=13.16 this time to integer (rounding up), 13, and 13*0.304m=3.952m

Namely: long meets the above requirements should be 3.952m rim with aluminum or stainless steel, aluminium silver or black, the thickness of the border around 8mm, the width is about 3.5mm, and eventually meets the above requirements of LED display screen size is: 3.952+0.07 (the sum of the width of the border on both sides) =4.022m

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