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LS1828B led taxi display screen of competitive price

Abstract: LIGHTS TECHNOLOGY is not only one of the top level Shenzhen LED taxi sign, taxi sign for car wholesalers, but also one of the leading China LED taxi sign professional suppliers and manufacturers, our products are always with both good quality and price. Welcome to buy products from us .


LED Taxi Top Display

Model Number

LS1828 B



LED Type


Pixel Density


Module size(mm)


Module Resolution


Refresh Frequency


Usage/Tube Chip


Screen Dimension

960 mm*320 mm

Average Power Consumption

120-180 (w/m²)

Scan Mode


Net weight



≥5000 nits

View angle

H-120° V-120°

Working temperature :

-20°C~80°C      Life Span :100,000hours    IP: 65

Control Type

3G/ WiFi /USB         Memory :4G

Video Format:

AVI, WMV, Mpg, MOV, Dat, Vob, MP4, Flv




Packaging & Delivery


1.High refresh Rate 1200HZ, make good image illumination uniformity, nature color transitions reliability, stability and excellent consistency of signal output.

2.The led life span is more than 10,000 hours.

Frequently asked questions
Q1: Where does the display get power supply from?
It will be connected with the engine of the car by power cable and get power supply from there . 
Q2: Will the display fall off when the cab runs at high speed?
It will be fixed by screws to the taxi top so no need to worry.
Q3: 7000 nits? Police might tow my cab away for it's too bright at night.
Tell us about it and we will add a light sensor (charged). Brightness will be adjusted down automatically when it's dark. 
Q4: What additional spare part can you choose ?
Light Sensor / GPS /Temperature Sensor

The plant / production flow chart of LightS

Qualification  Honor

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