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Why LED display is concerned about the details?

Shenzhen Lights Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 30, 2016

Outdoor LED large screen advertising must comply with in order to prolong life, from the choice of lamp beads, supporting parts learn how to extend the life of outdoor LED display on the selection and production processes that use in everyday life, how should we go outdoor LED display for maintenance work, to maximize the realization of its commercial value.


1. Discover fracture or other damage should be replaced, in particular screws, pins, and other load-bearing beam;

2. The regular inspection of steel products and welding point whether there is anti-corrosion surface rust off phenomenon, if any flaking or rust or rust should promptly apply anti-rust spray cream;

3. Calls stable power supply and ground protection is good, do not use the particularly strong lightning storms harsh natural conditions, periodic inspection and lightning rod grounding system reliability.

4. Every check should be carried out during the rainy season, it is determined whether there is water leakage.

5. Regularly check Check the power and signal lines for a bite or broken skin phenomenon.

6. The product once every six months to check power distribution systems.

7. Outdoor LED Display prolonged exposure to outdoor environment wind, sun, dust, and so easy to show the dirt, some time down, the screen will certainly be contaminated with a lot of dust. You can use alcohol wipe, using a brush or vacuum cleaner to remove dust with a damp cloth can not direct.

8. Press the big screen with automatic pre-set way to start, stop, brightness adjustment, the program list and other features eleven single test.

9. Outdoor LED Display longer than two hours a day of rest, in the rainy season outdoor LED display using at least once a week or more. Usually at least a month to open the screen at once, lit more than two hours.

Institute for Outdoor LED display maintenance, carried out comprehensively in the ordinary course of operations. Faced with a variety of emergency situations we can calm face, play outdoor LED display the best visual experience, but also can extend the life of the larger harvest more rewards.

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